Sunday, January 22, 2006

A White in Taliban

i heard that some american guy was captured because of his involvment in Taliban. I just think that reason for it was unfair or rather not thought out. "freedom" has been U.S.'s catch phrase for years but never the policy. Seems that U.S. just doesn't support the ideal of "Freedom." U.S. needs to respect the fact that, he could, as an american, join Taliban. i'm by no means supporting them, but that was his decision and thus the reason for the custody shouldn't be based on that.

This is a perfect example of U.S. being very imperialistic and not enforcing "Freedom". There are no "going against" in the country of "Freedom." Very ironic and pathetic that majority of American doesn't even notice that. i just hate American sense of freedom. That you have to stay on "Top" no matter what and that they have to beleive that and find beauty in being on Top. This attitude is way elitus and unfriendly. Yet they think they are actually friendly and being a great country or whatever. Not thinking much about other countries. This is just proof that Americans are so insecure that they just can't control themselves. Irrational and Irrisponsible child. I just want them to notice this point.

They seem to do so subtly or something so that Americans won't notice, but hey... this is too obvious. if you think carefully - if there was no governement, the term "Terrorist" won't even exist. Don't try to rely on them because they rip money by weird Tax Laws. I'd want to pay if this government wasn't THIS SELFISH. I don't want my money to be used on war. They will have to repay me for such an stupid decision but they will not have money to repay me. They are pretty much out of business in the near future.

The thing is... they might start another war just to get more money from Taxes. I'm very disappointed.

(don't get me wrong. i do know some good parts them, too.)