Friday, May 19, 2006


They are nice monitors and somehow everyone hates it. it's really good for ambient or some natural sounding stuff. it's not really for rock that's my perspective on it. i think i'm going to be switching this to Event PS 8.

This is so far the best near fields in my opinion. i haven't tried more expensive version of Dynaudio so i can't really say but just because bm5 lacks in bass and i can't quite get on it i'm gonna go with Event PS 8.

just dynamically any of them are not enough ...and i'll probably seek better monitor forever but just for now it's good enough... if it's the best, why should i look for something else?

bm5a..small but not much bass so sub-woofer is necessity.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Podcast Hack

i actually did a lecture on podcast today.

i found this book to be extremely helpful when creating podcast.

this book explains what you need to start, run, produce, promote etc etc about podcast.

you have topic to discuss but not sure how you can make it interesting, how you can organize the podcast. go to this book.
you don't really know what or how to look for topic but want to start or consider doint it... go pick up this book.
you already produce but looking for tools or way to enhance your podcast shows go pick up this book.
you already started and everything is ready but don't know how to publish and promote? go pick up this book

for $15~16 you get TONs of infomation. it's the all in one BIBLE for podcast. period.


talks about how to record a Skype conversation and turn that into podcast. so this let you do tons of things.
like just do a quiz, conference recording and publish that. you know how useful that actually is even for a company.

different types of podcasts: news, beercast, review, political, narrative, quiz/games, etc etc.

just look at this book for all you need. you won't regret it..

Friday, May 05, 2006

Considering MacBook Pro

before i go into the actual post i have to tell people who is at the this forum is full of junk and if you are the one who makes it worse. Have a F***ing better life!!!! It just too hard to find GOOD POSTS in there. way too many scams or just poeple not caring stuff. so anyway, i had to get info on Universal binary, Cubase issue from somewhere other than themselves...stupid...

so yes the main topic! finally...

the deal is i'm considering going to MacBook Pro. i have PowerMac G52G Dual, 250GBHD, 1GBRam. it is a great machine and i love it for everything it can do but the thing is i cannot take it out and use it live.

seriously the PowerBook G4 is thing of the past and it doesn't run logic or best quality samplers like Kotakt, Ivory. i'm a pianist (fake) and i always dreamed of using them live. so that i don't have to run cheap windows stuff that i currently use(my laptop is good but not as good as i want it to be. absynth, etc runs totally fine so just for those heavy duty sample based instruments)

so basically for me what it means is that upgrading to MacBook Pro, if it works like a magic(i mean look at the spec and price), combining those two computers into one laptop. Although i'm going to be in need of some kind of data format that can let both win and mac read/write/execute data from/onto it, this saves alot of time and energy for me.

so i was just so inclined to buy this thing and here comes another issue..
Cubase, Photoshop doesn't run...

Steinberg Cubase - they will support it soon and it will probably start running better since it's written for PC originally anyway.

Adobe Photoshop CS ..- this is the bitch..they are not going to support it until the release of CS3 and...yeah they just released CS2 6 months ago or something like that. means another year??? ooooooops. i guess they don't care about newbies who has already jumped into this madness.

anyway that means. computer is magically fast but just won't work as hard as it should. they are either on constant strike and trying to get something out of me or they are just plain childish bastards. software won't be able to talk to the boss (OS not B that's was a lame joke, if you know what i mean)

Universal Binary just sounds f***ing cool but just another marketing message.

Seriously, Mr. just move everyone like crazy! you are playing this game of god right now, don't you?
i'm jealous man. i wanna do that... i wish i was god and make it all work.

so that i don't have to run fake mac on my PC

just a skin that i use.. it looks mac and it loads white background, gray apple logo on startup and it says mac os x on log in screen. it sounds mac and has apple menu instead of start menu and list goes on but yeah.. it's NOT mac unfortunately....i miss it bad......

Drumming is about the face..

Terry Bozzio... yeah that drummer with awful lots of drums has the best face when drumming.. Take a look.

Terry Bozzio Drum Solo

you have to achieve this face man...


i've been seeing lots of cool dreams lately and one is this Universe Expanding.

it's kind of like a class room situation and talking about universe expansion theory. teacher points at screen and it really does show you or lets you feel how universe expands, gravitational pull of planets and stuff like that. then i get to see the beginning of the world, become one of the planets, and travel around the universe. i miss this gravitational pull now. cuz it's not like something you can feel while you are awake...

other than that, i've been going to future as well. saw my future kids, watching my dream in DVD... awesome!! everyone gets to see what i dream about. i wanna see everyone else cool dreams.

craziness in dreas are usually like a beheaded person or weed junkies, war, plane crash stuff like that but you know this kind of craziness in dream are way cooler. thanks to my head. and i hope to see more of these dreams since they are inspiring and innovative.