Friday, February 08, 2008

Bar Codes - How to get UPC

I've started to seriously look into and try to actually understand all aspect of music business.

Music Business until recently was just really something I never wanted to learn but there are lots of good thing also about this.

One of the big issue is UPC code and Bar Code. They are just a tracking system by SoundScan. and you do want to put this on your CD because you will know how much you've sold. and if you are member of ASCAP, BMI, etc that's the way for them to know how much you actually sold. (also, they have some membership benefits regarding this)

You can just look at their web site and they will tell you how.
for example

This is one video that explain all the process. rather long so i'll just write it down.

1. To create your own Bar Code you need to become their member.
2. Apply for the membership and pay fee (check FAQ or contact them) - You get your own company number for use in UPC codes
3. create one - they explain how to do this as well.

So that's when you are a label or start one..
but minimum $150 for membership is maybe expensive.. then you can sign up with people like CD Baby because they offer one for you really cheap (last time i checked...)

It's actually up to you to decide which one you go with. You are not an established artist with fan base you probably won't ever need membership. and you can use your money for music production or graphic design for the album or whatever it is that you want to do.

Monday, February 04, 2008

iTunes Music Store - Global listening

Well a little time ago iTunes have added a feature to select country at the bottom of your iTunes Music Store home page.

I find this really interesting because although lot of music are internationally distributed you still don't really know in what country what song is popular.. Question like is American music really popular in Europe? what's the Europe's trend?

one way to find out is through magazines but i think iTunes can function in this way also.

If you navigate to the iTunes MS for UK then you'll see something you can only see in UK version. France or french version will something that's only available in france. likewise you can just navigate through all stores and you can actually listen to music from all over the world.

you can search in their languages (if you know or if you just knew the title), i'm not sure about the downloading but at least you can listen to them.. and buy CD (well the quality of digital download is still lower compared to regular CD so actually it's cheaper if you buy CD in my opinion)

but it's amazing how easily you can listen to all kinds of music and cultural differences. at least for musicians or composers.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Synthesizer Tutorial Video

I've just found a few amazing synthesizer tutorial. Not really for beginners.. you'd have to understand at least what oscillator, filters are and their functions..

They were talking about FM synthesis, how to make drums beats with LFO, things like that.. good point to cover. and he explains it really well.