Tuesday, March 06, 2007

learning the Guitar Fingerboard

It's been a while since i posted but i wanted to make a note about learning guitar.

finger board knowledge has been a biggest obstacle to me that no one seemed to know what the effective way of learning fingerboard is. (that is knowing notes)

now i have a guitar teacher who's been giving me great insights on how finger board works. and how to "memorize" them. memorizing all of them takes at least memorizing 24x6 notes without counting enharmonics. that's a quite a number. and you won't be able to just memorize. so he introduced me a couple of methods that can be done in like 3-12 minutes a day.
that was wow to me.

so here are them
1. single string playing
2. never ending scales
3. blues and chord inversions.
4. patterns.

i will tell you about 1 and 2 on this one.

just pick your favorite tune and start playing notes only using one strings. try jumping around and play melodies. it would be nice to have a tune or simple recorded chord progressions or just forever CM7 for the key of C.
this technique will make you good at one perticular string.

... but yes this is only good for one perticular string.. so not when you use all strings..here is the another technique comes into a play. The never ending scales... sounds like WTF? i know. but this is really cool.
you play scales using all strings. this sounds like normal stupid scale training but it's not.
you play the root on the 6th string and next note on 5th string, next one on 4th string and go up and down forever until you end up where you started. it will take some time but it will come back to this point.
only pitfall to this is that you can't really play melody or music with this. so you need to do single string practice. they complement each other.

cool huh but there is one more step to this, which is "do this for ALL 12 KEYS!"
after a while you know all your scales and all your notes.
simple and effective isn't it? probably a month or two to remember all notes on the finger board. if you do it every day 3-4 keys.

and this worked for me. more than any other books i've got in attempt to learn fingerboard. try this out.