Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Logic Pro 8!

I think new Logic is way cool.

First it's easier for new comers because you got those edit function icons on top of your arrange window (which is the window you are usually on) bounce, split, etc etc.

Secondly, when you try to load plug-in you'll the plug-in name first rather than multi track or strereo or whatever. so there will be less people trying to figure out how to use outputs other than 1-2 (or main)

Out of all others the best new feature for me was the feature to let you edit multiple midi tracks at once in the matrix window (maybe it's called piano roll in new version)

you open up the matrix window, select two or more regions and notes will show up in the same arrange window. This feature is extremely useful when you want to orchestrate or just want to program a choir or strings quartet!

same goes for Score Editor. you can orchestrate on Score Editor also. It's my ideal work flow and now it's there in Logic.

Another thing that's exciting for me is the MainStage. This will replace ableton live when i don't need loop capability.

This will let you create multi controller live environment. what's cool is that you can create multiple or for each gig...
If you are a digital guitarist or vocalist you could take advantage by plugging yourself into the effect chain.. etc.

now you can easily use 3-4 controllers and tell each knob what to do, what to control, and expression or amount it controls, etc etc.

only thing i'm still trying to figure out is how to utilize two screens. I haven't been able to open a Matrix window that corresponds to the arrange window onto the secondary screen... i really need to find this out.. i don't want other people to decide where to put my windows... if you know what i mean..

otherwise new Logic seems amazing.