Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finger Independence for musicians, pianist, guitarist, violinist.

There has been alot said about finger independence and I've been researching myself what is it that make your finger independent.

One thing you need to know is that brain is the center of all conscious action and what you need to be able to do is to know which finger you are moving exactly and make that motion as efficient and as effortless as possible.

First anatomy:
Muscles that move your fingers are at your forearms. and you use separate muscles for bending (flexing) and lifting (extending).
3,4,5 (or middle ring pinky) share one tendon and these are usually the problem for everybody.

All tendon goes through your wrists and thus they need to be relaxed so you won't waste any energy at the wrist.

shoulder, arms, they all need to be relaxed as they are connected to the sources which is your back.

Back needs to be straight but relaxed. This gives you balance and strength.

most important thing is you need to feel absolutely no pain and completely relaxed at all times even when you are playing fast and rather hard passages.
Moment people try technically difficult thing all kinds of tension in your body starts to show up and they are all bad. Sources of injuries. So please dont' hurt yourself.

Instrument specific guides will be the next thing but If you want to move your fingers like musicians (accurately, articulated, fast, etc etc for long long hours) that is a must. If you learn how to do this at any speed or any phrase you will play your instrument like a master. (at least technically, musicality is a different mastery)

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