Friday, February 13, 2009

Korg Kaoss Pad 3

Finally, I've bought myself a Kaoss Pad!

i've been wanting this for years but just kept delaying it just because I had to buy lots of other sample oriented things. Well this stuff is amazing. Everyone knows it has been. But I have to say THIS IS AMAZING.

This is not stuff you make music with but this makes your bad music sound like a cool music. Even if you didn't know how to use it. If you can connect it and use touch pad.

I have been thinking this stuff takes a while to learn but it's quite easy. If you've used Delay, Filters, and stuff like that you know how to use it already.

One thing that took me a while (10 tries or so) to learn was how to resample properly.
Sampling is easy you just have to press sampling button then Bank to record to. Resampling is supposed to record output.. but if you do it like you would sample you will always miss the first beat or two..

so the solution to this was you keep playing samples then you press resample (or shift + sampling) when the moment is right.
in other words you have to be looping whatever you want to combine and you have to have at least one bank open for resampling. So technically you have 3 banks + 1 bank for resampling. and you can keep overdubbing to make whatever you want to (harmonies or drum patterns or whatever.)

hmm... i wish there were more buttons.
but now a days you have computers and you can use SooperLooper or other loop utilities if you want to go crazy.

anyway, this is what you do with it

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